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  • Restoration Benefits Vs. Super Top-Up Plan

    Restoration Benefits Vs. Super Top-Up Plan

    Restoration and supplement features are typically included in your health insurance plan, however they may come at an additional cost. The benefits of both restoration and super top up health insurance are worth considering. Which one of these options is the best fit for you? Come on, we have to start somewhere, so here we go.

    What is the restoration benefit?

    If the sum-assured is used up during the policy year, the insurer provides a restoration benefit, also called a “recharge,” to bring it back up to its original level. The plan is to continue paying for insurance payments even if a person exhausts all of his other resources.

    What is a Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plan?

    If your health insurance coverage limits are exhausted, a super top-up policy will kick in to fill the gap. These policies are more affordable than others, but they come with a deductible and only cover medical expenses when that deductible has been met.

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    When is the restoration benefit most helpful?

    With a family floater policy, you can rest easy knowing your loved ones are covered and back to normal thanks to the restoration benefit. If the sum assured is used up by one member of the family, the rest of the family can still be protected. The restoration benefit may be subject to restrictions, such as a prohibition on its use by the same covered person during the same policy year. It’s also possible for the same member to have their sum insured restored for one condition but be unable to use it for a claim on a different condition. There could be a yearly limit on the number of claims you make, or a waiting period between filings.

    When does super top-up health insurance work well?

    A super top up health insurance pays expenditures after a threshold, while a conventional mediclaim policy covers up to the sum covered. Indemnity top-up health policies offer the same benefits as reimbursement plans. Only the hefty deductibles make these plans affordable. Super Top-up plans typically cover one hospitalization. This plan is only available if a single hospitalization exceeds the deductible. A top-up plan does not require a base health insurance policy. Up to the deductible, the insured must pay. Subject to the top-up cover, the insurance provider will reimburse the remaining costs. High-value claims work nicely.

    Understand the add-ons and restrictions when comparing health insurance plans with restoration or super top-up options. Restoration and super top-up services have advantages. Make sure you understand the coverage, exclusions, and claim requirements before buying medical insurance.

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  • How To Compare Health Insurance Plans To Find The Lowest Cost

    How To Compare Health Insurance Plans To Find The Lowest Cost

    With so many options like the niva bupa health insurance, star health insurance or aditya birla health insurance, comparing health insurance policies in India can be a daunting task. When looking for the best health plan for your needs, it is essential to compare several plans. Thanks to the internet, comparing health insurance policies is now a quick and painless process.

    Read on to learn how you can compare different health insurance plans and policies in India.

    There are two methods for comparing aditya birla health insurance coverage policies. You can select for the time-consuming, offline procedure of visiting insurers’ offices and meeting with agents to compare policies, or you can follow the contemporary, online process. If you are wondering how to compare health insurance policies with the least amount of work, the greatest way to do so is online. Steps to compare online health plans

    Step 1: Visit the website of the health insurer.

    Step 2: To initiate the procedure, click “Buy Insurance” or a comparable option.

    Step 3: Provide basic information about the individual(s) you wish to insure.

    Step 4: Select the coverage amount

    Step 5: Include additional covers (add-ons) if required.

    Step 6 involves noting the health insurance estimate for the coverage and services. Note the internet reviews and the claim process as well.

    Step 7: Apply this procedure to all prospective insurers.

    In the end, you will have the unified data necessary to make an informed decision.

    Finding the best health insurance policy in India might be challenging because there are many options to choose from. Consider their health risks and look for a policy that addresses them. This helpful guide will allow you to quickly and easily compare health insurance quotes from multiple providers so you can select the best health insurance policy for you and your family.

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  • Here Are Five Frequently Asked Questions About These Maternity Health Insurance

    Here Are Five Frequently Asked Questions About These Maternity Health Insurance

    Simply put, maternity health insurance is a type of health insurance that helps pay for a woman throughout her pregnancy and any necessary care she may need afterward. These days, corporations also provide such benefits to their female employees by paying for maternity insurance premiums. However, there is typically an upper limit on these policies, and once that limit is reached, the mother will be responsible for the remainder.

    Keep on reading to find out which 5 questions are frequently asked about maternity health insurances

    What exactly is maternity insurance?

    This type of insurance coverage covers all costs associated with childbirth up to a specified time limit. You may purchase a standalone policy or pay an additional price to include maternity coverage as an add-on to your health insurance.

    Where in India can I receive maternity care free of charge?

    Get pregnancy treatment on No Cost EMI at clinics like Oasis, Medicover, Motherhood, Indira IVF, and more.

    Do I make a down payment while conducting business through the EMI Network?

    In some cases, a modest down payment may be required for maternity health insurance treatments financed via EMI. The amount depends on the partner clinic or hospital where the transaction will take place.

    How do I utilize the No Cost EMI facility?

    Simply enter your Health EMI Network Card information and the OTP, or obtain financing in-clinic by providing simple documentation.

    What is the applicable interest rate?

    In most cases, no interest is levied on No Cost EMIs for pregnancy care, as the complete cost is divided into installments.
    Today’s young couples need maternity health insurance to safeguard their financial future without risking their family’s. Many maternity insurance plans can be customized to meet your needs. Thus, if you plan to have children, maternity insurance may be one of your greatest investments!

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  • Which One To Buy – Regular Health Insurance Or Covid Health Insurance?

    Which One To Buy – Regular Health Insurance Or Covid Health Insurance?

    A COVID health insurance plan gives you coverage against the expenses incurred during the treatment of coronavirus. The most common features of COVID-19 insurance plans are:

    • Room rent, boarding, and nursing expenses
    • ICU and ICCU expenses and ventilator charges
    • Doctors/surgeons’ fees
    • Cost of medicines, consumables, blood, oxygen, etc.
    • Pre- and post hospitalisation up to 30 days
    • Ambulance expenses 
    • AYUSH treatment expenses incurred for treating COVID-19 at central or state-approved AYUSH hospitals.
    • Affordable premium

    To avail of COVID insurance benefits, you should produce a COVID-19 positive test result done at a government-approved lab or an ICMR approved private lab. Most COVID-19 insurance plans have an initial waiting period of 15 days.

    On the other hand, a regular health insurance plan is comprehensive health insurance that covers many ailments and procedures. Depending on your requirement, you can buy an individual or family plan. There are separate health insurance plans for senior citizens as well. Among the large variety of regular health insurance plans available in the market, you can select those that suit your budget. A few standard features of common health insurance plans are:

    • Cashless treatment at network hospitals
    • Covers hospitalisation expenses
    • Coverage for pre and post-hospitalisation expenses
    • No-claim bonus for each year that went without any claim
    • Covers ambulance expenses 
    • Free annual medical check-ups
    • Covers pre-existing conditions after a waiting period
    • A plethora of add-ons are available with regular health insurance
    • Coverage for AYUSH treatment
    • Tax benefit for the premium paid
    • Higher sum insured

    The decision for which insurance plan to buy, should be need-based. If your family is not yet covered under any health insurance, a regular plan that provides sufficient cover to all your family members makes sense. Otherwise, it’ll be wise to go for a top-up of your standard cover, as almost every regular health plan offers COVID cover these days. A top-up provides you additional coverage if you exhaust the maximum limit of your regular plan. Further, the top-up option is more economical than buying a new cover. 

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  • Five Best Phones Under Rs.50,000 For Gaming

    Five Best Phones Under Rs.50,000 For Gaming

    Here are a few best phones under Rs.50,000 for gaming:

    • ROG Phone 5s 5G: ROG Phone 5S has a 6.78-inch Full HD+ display and is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ processor. It comes in 3 variants- 8GB, 12GB and 18GB of RAM and has a battery capacity of 6000mAh. The 64MP + 13MP + 5MP dual camera setup in the rear has autofocus, and the selfie camera has a 24MP sensor. 
    • Reno 8 Pro: Reno 8 Pro has a 6.7-inch AMOLED Full HD+ display with a 120 Hz refresh rate and a screen-to-body ratio of 93.4%. The MediaTek Dimensity 8100-MAX SoC powers it, which ensures a smooth gaming experience. Reno 8 Pro ships with a 4500mAh battery and runs on ColorOS 12.1 based on Android 12. It has a triple rear camera stack consisting of a 50MP Sony IMX766 primary lens, an 8MP ultrawide shooter, and a 2MP macro camera. Besides, there is a 32 MP Sony IMX709 camera for selfies.
    • iQOO 9T 5G: iQOO 9T has a 6.78-inch E5 AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate that ensures a seamless screen experience. It has 8GB RAM and 128GB storage and is powered with the latest top-tier mobile chip, Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC. On the battery front, iQOO 9T ships with a 4700mAh battery. Its 120W charging system ensures fast charging speed; you can charge up to 100% in less than 30 minutes. 9T runs on ‎Funtouch OS 12 based on Android 12 and comes with high-quality cameras, with which you can take snaps with lots of details.
    • One Plus 10T: Another best phone under Rs.50000 for gaming is the One Plus 10T, which has a 6.5-inch display with a high refresh rate of 120Hz. 10T is powered by Qualcomm’s latest chip Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, that’s 10% faster than the usual 8 Gen 1 processor used in most of the top-rated Android phones. Further, it’s 30% more energy efficient than the previous models of One Plus. It has a 4800mAh battery backed up by a 150W SuperVOOC charging system. 10T runs on OxygenOS 12.1 based on Android 12 and has a 50MP+8MP+2MP triple rear camera and a 16MP selfie camera. Alert slider, the unique identity of One Plus is missing from this model.
    • Google Pixel 6a: Pixel 6a has a 6.1-inch OLED FullHD+ display with a 60Hz refresh rate. It runs on Android 12 and is powered by Google Tensor. Tensor performs well with most apps, including gaming. Pixel 6a has a 12MP dual camera in the rear and an 8MP selfie camera. On the memory side, it has 6GB RAM with 128GB storage.

    Further, it has a 4410mAh battery. And its charging speed is sluggish with 18W wired charging; hence it takes nearly 2 hours to charge fully. Don’t get surprised while unboxing; you won’t find a power adapter in the box. Instead, Google provides a 1-meter USB-C to C cable.
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  • How Much Coverage Will You Get in A Pregnancy Insurance Policy?

    How Much Coverage Will You Get in A Pregnancy Insurance Policy?

    If you are planning on pregnancy anytime in the near future, a pregnancy insurance policy is a financial tool that you must have. Here are all the details about how much coverage you will get in a maternity insurance plan. Read to know more.  

    Coverage of maternity insurance

    Buying a pregnancy insurance policy for you and your spouse is very important to manage medical inflation. This insurance policy is helpful for your loved one as well as cost-effective for your pocket. Under a pregnancy insurance policy, you will get the expenses covered during the pre & post-pregnancy. No matter what kind of delivery it is, whether normal or cesarean, you will get the benefit under the pregnancy insurance policy. 

    In India, the average cost of delivery is between 50,000 rupees to 2 Lac rupees. The cost of other expenses like pharmacy bills & consultation fees is not included in this price. However, when you have a pregnancy insurance policy then you will get extended coverage. This policy’s coverage includes C-section Delivery, Patient Hospitalisation Expenses, Pre- and Post Natal Care Expenses, Newborn Baby Expenses, Medically Necessary Terminations Expenses, Baby vaccination expenses, Pregnancy complications, Stem cell preservation, and Labour Expenses.

    Some of the best maternity insurance policy

    Today there is a lot of pregnancy insurance policy available in the market. Most of the policies offer the same benefit, however, there are differences in their claim process & coverages. However, some of the best pregnancy insurance policies nowadays are; Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum Enhanced Plan, Bajaj Allianz Health Guard PlanBharti AXA Smart Super Health Insurance Plan, Care Joy Maternity Insurance Plan, & Chola MS Healthline Insurance Plan. These policies offer 3 Lac to 2 Crore Sum Insured and the entry age of all policies is 18 years. 

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  • Important Points To Ponder Before Buying A Cashless Health Insurance Plan

    Important Points To Ponder Before Buying A Cashless Health Insurance Plan

    With so many options, picking an insurance plan that’s perfect for you could be challenging. Do not worry; we have simplified everything for you. The three criteria listed below will assist you in selecting the best cashless health insurance plan for you and your family:

     The Waiting Period Clause

    If you knew the waiting period requirement, you would be better positioned to make a decision. The insurer won’t take any claims from pre-existing ailments or specific illnesses during this time. It can be between 24 and 48 months, depending on the insurance and the plan you have chosen. Additionally, until this period has elapsed, you won’t be able to file a claim for benefits.

    Positive Effects Of Cashless Medical Care

    Health insurance providers frequently collaborate with network hospitals to enable covered people to access cashless health insurance plans in a medical emergency. You can skip submitting the tedious paperwork required for admission and claim. Additionally, using the insured sum, the insurance pays the hospital directly.

    Consequently, you are not needed to get funds before applying for reimbursement. Asking your insurance for a list of impaneled hospitals and being aware of all the network hospitals in the area will be helpful.

    Payment Of Maternity Costs

    A common mistake is disregarding maternity benefits in a cashless health insurance plan. Given the exorbitant cost of giving birth and receiving maternity care, obtaining a health plan that also covers maternity expenses is preferable. A 2 to 4-year waiting period is typical before you may apply for benefits. For instance, if you want to get married or start a family in three years, a plan with a two-year waiting period will work for you.

  • Why should we get a travel insurance policy online before any trip?

    Why should we get a travel insurance policy online before any trip?

    When deciding to travel, travel insurance is one of the most crucial investments a person can make. Because of the variety of risks it covers, travel insurance assumes a special significance when travelling internationally. A travel insurance policy typically includes flight delays, medical, and travel risks. This checklist offers some explanations if you’re not sure why you need travel insurance.

    Benefits of buying travel insurance 

    Various kinds of benefits are provided through travel insurance. Discussed below are the same:

    1. Thanks to a travel insurance policy, you would have medical expenses paid for while travelling.
    2. Age restrictions apply to applicants for certain insurance products, such as health and life insurance. On the other hand, there is no such age-based discrimination in travel insurance. Due to travel insurance benefits, you can consider insuring both a newborn and an elderly person.
    3. The policy will cover you up to the amount insured in the event of luggage loss or damage.
    4. You can try to invest in the cancellation coverage provided through a travel insurance policy. This clause will guarantee that, should you need to cancel your trip in the future for legal reasons, you will receive adequate reimbursement for the expenses you incurred when making the same trip.
    5. Accidents happen anywhere, anytime. If you hurt a third party, they can sue you. If you have travel insurance, your provider will cover the costs.
    6. If you lost all your money abroad, the consequences could be dire. A travel insurance policy will provide a fixed cash allowance in such emergencies.

    How to buy travel insurance online?

    You can look for various insurance providers that offer policies with benefits and coverage that can cover all your needs. You can choose from these insurance providers and accordingly buy your travel insurance online, hassle-free, with minimum paperwork. 

    Considering medical emergencies do not come with a warning, you must be prepared for any unforeseen unfortunate event and having travel insurance when in an unknown land can be of great help.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Third-Party Bike Insurance

    Everything You Need To Know About Third-Party Bike Insurance

    Third-party bike insurance is the most basic type. It protects the policyholder against third-party liability (bodily hurt, fatalities, and property damage) from two-wheeler accidents on the road or elsewhere. Third-party property damage compensation is set at Rs. 1 lakh, but a court establishes bodily injury/death compensation.

    How do I buy online bike insurance?

    Following these steps, you may instantly acquire third-party bike insurance at InsuranceDekho.

    • First, visit InsuranceDekho’s “Bike” link.
    • Enter your bike’s VIN in “Get Your Quote.” You can enter your bike’s brand, model, version, registration year, RTO location, etc., if you don’t know its serial number.
    • Provide your name and mobile number to receive quotes.
    • Choose a quote depending on your needs and budget.
    • The next step requires payment for bike insurance to receive policy documents through email.

    How can I renew my bike insurance online?

    Follow these steps to renew your third-party bike insurance at InsuranceDekho:

    • First, visit InsuranceDekho’s “bike” tab.
    • Enter your bike’s VIN and click “Proceed.” If you don’t know your bike’s serial number, input the model, version, registration year, city, etc.
    • Enter your insurer’s name and policy expiration date. Click “Continue” to share past claims.
    • Enter your name, phone number, and bike insurance days. “Submit and Get Quotes”
    • You’ll receive policy quotes from insurers to compare and choose from. Add extra covers.
    • Click “Buy Now” to confirm your information and pay. After payment, you’ll receive Third party bike insurance by email.

    Benefits of Third-Party Bicycle Insurance

    • Easy Documentation: The documentation process for this plan is simple and only requires a few formalities to be completed. Because this plan does not cover the motorcycle, fewer inspections and checks are necessary. Additionally, you can buy this package whenever it is convenient for you.
    • Simple Online Process: Nowadays, almost all insurance firms offer their services online, allowing you to quickly and easily buy an insurance plan. An insurance plan can be purchased much simpler and more practical online.
    • Mandatory: By the Indian Motor Tariff Act, you must obtain motorcycle insurance, at the very least, with a third-party liability plan. It will guarantee that you are abiding by the law.

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  • Things To Consider Before Purchasing Car Insurance Policy

    Things To Consider Before Purchasing Car Insurance Policy

    It is wise to purchase Comprehensive Car Insurance in India. It guarantees that you obey the law and provides financial protection for costs associated with auto repairs. Over time, the process of purchasing auto insurance has improved and is now more user-friendly. You may insure an automobile in about 180 seconds through the insurer’s website or app. Before purchasing a car insurance policy, you must keep a few things in mind.

    Considerations to Make When Buying Auto Insurance

    Do you have any questions on what to look for when buying a car insurance policy. Here is a complete list of twenty factors to examine to aid in your decision-making.

    • Know needs

    You don’t need to be a risk assessment expert. You can still estimate risk. Is your neighborhood prone to flooding? Have there been auto thefts? Is your typical travel route accident-free? Introspection will help you decide how to buy auto insurance.

    • Think Brand

    You must have considered the car’s brand while buying it, even if you’re not brand-conscious. Consider the insurer’s brand. If you like the brand, shake hands (virtually!) and insure your automobile with the firm.

    • Coverage

    You can get insurance to meet legal requirements or to save money in case of accidents. Second is usually better. When you acquire a Comprehensive Plan, you comply with the law and get insurance for the policy’s inclusions. Add-ons can boost coverage.

    • Accessories

    Add-on covers should be practical. They’re like covers for a Comprehensive Plan. Each add-price varies by insurance. Don’t overbuy add-ons. Choose what’s most important. Your insurance bill could be shocking.

    • Plan ahead

    Third-party car insurance is required by law. This plan helps if your car injures/damages third-party people/property.

    • Cashless Facility

    In insurance, ‘cashless’ means you don’t pay beforehand for claims. Consider your $10,000 car repair expense. After calculating, the insurer offers INR 8,000. The insurer pays 8000 INR to the garage, and you pay 2000. The insurance can pay the garage directly because they have a deal, and the garage allows Cashless Claim Settlement. An insurer with a large network of garages can offer cashless efficiency.

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